Metal Detector for Aluminium-Packaged Products METAL DETECTO-NAD-4000Series

NAD4000 Series metal detector detect even the smallest metal particlessafely and reliable in every type of aluminium-packaged products.Compared with X-ray scanner, NAD 4000 series overcomes the highdensity differences in product or high evaluation threshold due tovariation in the production process. The intelligent, passive magneticsurface sensor works without wear, contrary to X-ray scanners, andeasy to operate as cheese and meats do not affect detectingperformance. Wires, Chips and broken injection needles are reliablydetected irrespective of product orientation.

  • Category : Metal Detectors
  • Modal : METAL DETECTO-NAD-4000Series

Special/Optional*Features :

- Without hazardous X-rays

- Wear Free detecting system

- No need to care about “Product Effect” & “Hot Temperature”

- Usable with every type of Aluminium-Packaged products

- Configurable Passing Height(Min.50~Max.150mm by every 10.00mm)

- Password Setup function

- Low investment and maintenance cost

- Product orientation does not influence the signal strength

- Easy to learn and Train operator

- Connectivity to various External devices

- Manageable Metal detecting history

-Easy Software update

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